Real Estate Search, Redefined

These are just some of the features you can use to get the most out of our real estate site.

Works Beautifully on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile!


Did you know our site is optimized for all screen sizes? That’s right — you can browse listings, contact agents, get mortgage rates and more all from your tablet or phone without ever having to download a separate app.

Addictive Searching and Exploring

Searching is fun, fast, and easy. We give you lots of ways to search for things, whether it’s by location, price range, number of bedrooms, properties with open houses — even a feature like “garage” or “ocean.”

And if you want to see what an agent or broker is up to, simply search by their names to see all their current listings. Everything is just a click away.

Click-Friendly Property Pages


Our property pages are designed to be fully interactive. Each listing features photos, detailed info and features, mortgage estimates, and built in-sharing to your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter and more!

You can easily explore similar listings by clicking an attribute like price, location, zip code, year built, or property features. No need to do another search... just keep clicking!

Just look for blue links or buttons like these on any listing page:

Saving and Sharing

Save your favorite homes and searches to your Dashboard, where you can track them, email them to family or friends, and get notifications of changes to listings or new search results.

Just click the "Save Listing" button to add a property to your collection, or "Save This Search" to, well, save your search.

All of our Saved Listings and Saved Searches can be found on your Dashboard, under the "My account" tab.

Your Dashboard

Manage your real estate search from your on-site headquarters. All of your Saved Listings and Saved Searches can be found on your Dashboard, where you can organize saved listings into custom groups, email listings to friends, and check out your entire Search History.


An effortless way to keep abreast of the market. Once you save a listing or a search, you can get notifications of any changes or updates, automatically delivered straight to your inbox.

Control notifications by adjusting your preferences on your Profile page. There you can choose to get your Saved Listings and Searches notifications in real time, daily, or weekly.

Contact Agents and Property Owners

With built-in contact forms on every listing, you can quickly get in touch with property owners. Just enter your name, email, and a short message, then hit send!

In a hurry? The agent's phone number is right there, and all of their other current listings on the site are just a click away.

Contact Form

Agent and Brokerage Pages

Automatically generated pages for every agent and broker with listings on the site are a click away. Search for agents and brokers by name, or click on a "See all my listings" link on any property page, to see all of their current listings and contact information.

Mortgage Rates and Quotes

Get live mortgage rates for your dream home in an instant with our custom mortgage calculator. Just click the "Estimated Mortgage" link under the price on any listing page to instantly get quotes from the top lenders in your area! Or for quick estimates use our mini mortgage calculator found on the main page and in search results.

Market Trends

Get the big picture of the local real estate market. Is current inventory increasing or decreasing? What’s an average price for a house in your neighborhood? Our Market Trends page offers real-time stats at the neighborhood level, an easy way to keep track of movements in the market.

Whether you're comparing your listing to the average price per square foot in the same neighborhood, or analyzing how much home prices have been fluctuating over the last month, our Market Trends page is a valuable resource for local intelligence. And if you want to see the listings that make up these statistics, simply click through to see the underlying lists.

Adding and Featuring a Listing

When you add a property on our site you get a beautiful, well-organized listing that works across desktop, tablet, and mobile. Our listings feature multiple photos, a contact form for real leads with protection against spam, an estimated mortgage rate for your listing, a street map, and the ability to share your listing through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Real time updates also allow people who have saved your listing to get notifications on price changes, open houses, and more.

Featured Listings

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